Welfare Facilities :

1. workers welfare committee, 2.Canteen service, 3.Subsidized lunch for employees
4.Full time free medical service provided by two professional doctor in house
5.Child care centre for employees, 6.Aannual picnic
7.In house prayer facilities for male & female
8.Annual cultural celebration

Compliance :

In full compliance of international laws, Human rights, Social compliance, Technical Compliance, Labourxx` Law and other rules and instruction by concern authority.

Employee & Social Commitment :

We at BKFL consider our employees to be our most significant and essential resource. it's our primary duty to treat each and every employee fairly, equally, impartially and respectfully. By investing in our employees’ skills contributes to our development and growth as an organization and, equally important, to our employees’ personal and professional development. we conduct various training and seminars within the least of our sites throughout the year, in accordance with a pre-set annual program. we conduct “round table” sessions that provide a neighbourhood for direct communication between the numerous levels of employees, allowing them to share information on various matters.

Sustainable Development

Since the start we've always strived to supply the simplest quality products to our customers that are sourced and made ethically. We are continuously looking to figure more sustainably to scale back plastic consumption. We are pioneer in using Organic sourcing and GOATS certified factory. Our focus is on scaling back on traditional energy consumption, achieve efficiency on waste management and providing safe working environment.